Submission Policy



Label all specimens submitted for testing with the patient’s name and identifying number as written on the test requisition form. Positive identification and integrity of patient specimens from the time of collection until testing has been completed and results reported. Biotech will reject inappropriately labeled specimens and the specimens will be returned to the client. Tests will not be performed on unlabeled or incompletely labeled specimens.


Specimens Rejection Criteria

Specimens will be rejected and the tests and charges canceled under the following conditions:

  • Unlabeled or incompletely labeled specimens
  • Name on specimens does not match name on requisition form
  • Leaking specimen
  • Broken container
  • Incorrect specimen submitted for test requested
  • Insufficient volume (QNS)
  • Age of specimen (if test dependent)
  • Hemolysis  (if test dependent)
  • Specimens received with no requisition


Procedure Notes
The laboratory will not accept, transport or test any specimen contained in a syringe with the needle attached and/or other “sharps” (needles, syringes, scalpels and intravenous tubing with needles attached).

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